Pardon the roughness of this though, but its coming out as I just thought about it. Let's discuss, as I think it has considerable merit.

A lot of the talk in the past months with those things mobile has been in the area of context. Context of using the device, context of an application to know a situation. Context of web browsers to know how you are browing a website and serve the information properly.

The Mobile Web Server is an interesting appliation. At first glance, it would seem to be an attempt a minuritization of the concept of having "land" on the web. Add your own URL and you effectivly have made your mobile a place to go online and offline.

And so I was thinking, what if the MWS further blurred those lines. What if I opened my device, and instead of looking at the regular Active Standby screen, I am looking at an (on-device editable) portal page that has widgets for my calendar, latest contacts, SMS/MMS/email, and a few other widgets.

But then using the web cam feature, the mobile notices that I am moving and MWS activates the GPS and mapping applicaiton. Using 3G it would then show me an overview of where I am and local content saved on my device that corresponds to this. Using the cell ID and presense it would tell me how many friends are near me, and show them on that same mapping applicaiton which is hosted on my server.

But on the other side of that, people are viewing my website, and see a widget on the page of a map and just see that I am in motion.

And on another side those that have subscribed to my presense updates would see a node/button in their address book corresponding to my contact card saying that I am busy/occupied/driving.

In other words, developing the MWS as a facilitator to context driven interactions with our mobile. Leveraging that which is already possible online - presence, text, mapping, etc. - and then overlaying the hardware that is inside of our devices to do mroe than just interact with people, but allow them to interact with us.

If you think about it, the MWS is a good idea for this. Wonder if this is on the map, do you?