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    I all,
    i've a question for you. I've to plane the architecture for an application for Nokia 7650 which manages some tasks. This appl. has to identify an incoming SMS in wich there is a Telephone number and after it has to check if the telephone number is in the contacts.If it is in the contact the appl. should replace the telephone number with the name in the contacts.
    My questions are:
    Can i write an application in C++ or the appl. can be written in Java?
    Can you advice me any solutions?

    Thanks in advance

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    unfortunately at least Java is out of question since its tight sandbox model does not allow calls straight to native side i.e. fiddling with contact lists etc. would require access to native side. The easiest way to obtain further information is to ask the same question in the Symbien section of this very web forum. Hope this helps.

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