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    Problem in deploying j2me polish application


    I had done a sample application in j2me polish which uses List items with css included for it and is working fine on emulator.

    now i deployed the application into my nokia 6233 device and on device it is showing my application with name as blank and when i try to launch it showing error as arrayindexoutofboundexception.

    hence can any one please help me on how to launch my application successfully on device please sugest me if there are any changes required to be done before launch the application on to the device.

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    Re: Problem in deploying j2me polish application

    As the API docs says ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown to indicate that an array has been accessed with an illegal index. The index is either negative or greater than or equal to the size of the array.

    Which emulator are you using ?


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    Re: Problem in deploying j2me polish application

    Hi Basu,

    usually no changes are needed to deploy an application on real device, once it correctly works on emulators. Since your error, as pointed out by Gopal, is related to some error in accessing an Array, it could be useful to check your code for such kind of possible errors.


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    Re: Problem in deploying j2me application

    your prolem can be result from using index of array. i think you should check the initialize method carefully, focus on index of the List.

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