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    AT+CMGF=0 ????? Problems........


    I am setting in my application AT+CMGF=0 (PDU Mode). So I can receive PDU data. I have written all functions to parse PDU data. But after 10 or 12 hours, the mode ia automatically set to 1 (text data). I don't know how this is happening as I am ecpecting only PDu data not text Data and thus my application fails. Why GSM modem is changing its mode automcatically? ANy clue?


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    RE: AT+CMGF=0 ????? Problems........

    If a reset occurs for some reason for example bad connection, the
    settings are set back to default values. ATZ and AT&F do also
    resetting if they are used. Even though PDU mode should actually
    be the default mode. Sounds kind of odd that it changes to Text mode.
    You could always automatically either reset the modem (ATZ / AT&F) or
    set the PDU mode with at+cmgf=0 after some time.
    Which phone model/card are you using?
    Does this change happen after some particular command?
    M, Forum Nokia

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