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    Nokia 6210 - Switching off bug

    I am in the UK and have a Nokia 6210.
    For no reason whatsoever it keeps switching off or occasionally will say no service or insert SIM (to solve this, I have to switch it off and then back on).

    As any1 got any idea's - I sent off the phone about 8 months ago and the problem was fixed (by a software upgrade) but recently this problem keeps reoccuring and the fone is now no longer under Nokia Guarantee.

    I have spoken to a lot of people who have this phone and they find similar problems.
    (Although I cannot find the answer to this when I search the forum??)

    Also, I find that the battery is very loose.
    Please let me know how I can solve this problem.
    This has put me off buying another Nokia, which is a shame as I really like this phone (when it's working).

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    RE: Nokia 6210 - Switching off bug

    This discussion board is for development questions on Symbian devices only. Please ask end user questions from Club Nokia.

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