i have uploaded some files from the Image gallery to my server using http, when i upload files on server i also save the path of file on server so that when user want to restore the data from server he/she could be able to restore data at the same location from where he/she uploaded.

code is working fine to download the data but when i try to create a file at the same location which i got from the server, i couldn't be able to create the file.

for example i am uploading an image file from the image gallery from the path "E:\\Images\\200806\\200806A0\\02062008028.jpg"
but when i try to create a file at the same path using the following code i couldn't create file.
TInt err = iFileToDownload.Replace(iFileSession,_L("E:\\Images\\200806\\200806A0\\02062008028.jpg"),EFileWrite);
if(err == KErrNone)

can any body guide me where i am doing wrong
while the same code is working fine when i try to create the file at "C:\\02062008028.jpg" or "C:\\Abc\\02062008028.jpg".