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    cdbv2_ras.dat missing ?

    The Series 60 SDK 1.0 has commsdb_ras.cmd for configuring the emulators commsdb for ras. It seems that a file containing the actual configuration cdbv2_ras.dat is missing, am I right ? If so, please put it to downloads ASAP. In the mean time can I change the size of the screen in t_editdb so that I can use it properly ?

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    RE: cdbv2_ras.dat missing ?


    The comms database has been changed slightly in the Series60 SDK v1.0. There is no need to run the t_editdb.exe in order to modify parameter for RAS connection. There is no cdbv2_ras.dat either. Instead, the cdbv2.dat contains 2 default profiles, one for Linux RAS and one for NT RAS. To get the NT RAS works in your system, you may need to reconfigure the default parameters of the NT RAS profile (or if you wish, you can even create a new profile. Not recommended though!) using the Settings program in the Configurations folder of the emulator. Please try to change this:
    If you run the Series 60emulator in Windows 2000, change the "Use login script" to "No". Once open the profile and use other bearer type than "Packet data" You are asked to provide the telephone number, just give e.g. "1234" and save the profile. Note: the RAS password is always "pass"

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    I tried as you suggested to change the login script to no. But I still can't seem to connect. What has changed between SDK v0.9 and 1.0?

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    Check this thread.

    I followed the instructions and it worked. (even though I had to reinstall the SDK and remove the direct connections).
    After this, I ran the sockets example successfully.


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