I am doing serial port communication.

I am getting feature not supported for the following line of code.
        TCommConfig portSettings;
	iCommPort.Config(portSettings); // Get current configuration
       // Set port characteristics
	portSettings().iRate = EBps19200;
	portSettings().iParity = EParityNone;
	portSettings().iDataBits = EData8;
	portSettings().iStopBits = EStop1;
	portSettings().iFifo = EFifoEnable;
	portSettings().iHandshake = KConfigObeyXoff|KConfigSendXoff; 
	portSettings().iTerminator[0] = 10; // line feed character
	portSettings().iTerminatorCount = 1;
At the last line means during SetConfig() I am getting feature noe supported (-5).

Every thing else is fine except this.
I have load ldd,pdd and csy module and open the com port this all works but at this line I am getting an error.

Tell me what should I have to do?