Dear forum-members,

I would like to introduce to you a new solution for mobile applications.

Moconso Technologies GmbH has been developing mobile applications for more than 3 years. In many of our projects we have developed connected JME applications. Our experience with connected JME applications has shown us the following: The number of successfully installed and used mobile clients is a small fraction of the number of ordered mobile clients.

From our experience the major reasons for this is the complex OTA (Over The Air) installation process and devices with wrong WAP and ISP/Java Settings.

Our solution to these problems is the following:

The install-wizard is a web portal that guides a customer step by step through the download and installation process of mobile applications. The information the install-wizard displays to the user is detailed and is specific to the user’s mobile device and operator. This means the user will have full device and operator specific support from the time the application is ordered until the first usage of the application.

Even in exceptional cases the behavior of the install-wizard is outstanding:

The user will get device specific instructions, not generic fit all device messages, on how to configure their device. (I.e. Go to ‘Options‘ select tab ‘Connections‘ and click on ‘Java Options’… please enter for APN: ‘internet’…).

Find a live demo at: (English)

Live examples: (German) (German) (Spanisch)

- Currently support for 300 devices from 17 Manufacturers, device Matrix growing

- Installation-Guides available for JME Applications inclusive WAP and ISP Settings, extendable to support i.e. the installation of native Symbian OS or Windows Mobile applications

- Multilanguage support

- Continuous updates of the problem solving database by our inhouse testing team

- Whitelabeling enabled for easy integration in existing web-portals

Are you interested in the install wizard?

Please feel free to contact me for clarifications of the above.

I’m looking forward to your feedback!