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    Cant terminate PSTN originated (data) call in D211


    We develop wireless applications under Linux and find the Nokia
    D211 a nice platform for this (though it doesn't support voice).

    In our current work we would like to, for example, terminate a
    (data) call in the D211, originated from the PSTN.
    This is however not possible.
    On the other hand, it is possible to go the other way around,
    i.e. mobile (D211) originated - PSTN terminated.

    We suspect that the SETUP from the PLMN to the D211 contains
    the VOICE Bearer Capability (or no BC) and since the D211
    doesn't support voice, it answers that it isn't compatible
    and the call gets disconnected.
    Is this the case?

    Would it not be possible that the D211 instead answers the
    PLMN SETUP in the same way as it does when it sets up the
    Mobile Originated - PSTN terminated call and 'renegotiates'
    the 'compatibility information' to be 'modem'?

    Then the interworking equipment in the PLMN could be set up
    as in the Mobile Originated - PSTN terminated case and the
    PSTN originated (data) call would be possible?

    Best Regards,
    /Dick Holmn
    Gillga Datalogi AB

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    RE: Cant terminate PSTN originated (data) call in D211


    Because Nokia D211 does not support voice calls they are terminated automatically. This feature cannot be changed because the card has been type approved as data only card.

    All data calls work normally as long as the calls are truly in data format. Some modems initiate the call as voice call and those are terminated automatically even though the intention would have been to initiate a data call.

    Best Regards,

    Nokia D211 Support

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