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    US operators (AT&T, T-mobile) socket connectons


    As we some operators (like AT&T and T-mobile) have changed java security settings on their branded phones.

    It is not possible to use socket connections and to use http connection you will need to accept it every time.

    How MIdlet behaves in those networks if I use non-branded phones there?

    -is is possible to use socked connections? or they have restricted it on network level?
    - is it possible to use http connections without problems? (if my non-branded phone has such security settings)

    also please share your experience about signing Midlets by those operators? what's procedure and approximate costs?

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    Re: US operators (AT&T, T-mobile) socket connectons

    The restrictions are related to the branded firmware. The generic/unbranded phones follow the generic access rights.

    For AT&T there is lots of information on their developer website on signing. In general, you do not buy a signing from operators. The signing is only available for their partners.


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