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    password request between 7650 & PC

    Hi all,i'm an Italian student and i'm developing a simple application to make communicate a nokia 7650 and a pc usb dongle via Bluetooth.The phone is the server and when it accepts the connection from the dongle it prompts a password request.What can I do to bypass that request?I'd like to develop this application as simple as possible,I mean without password,encryption,and so on.

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    RE: password request between 7650 & PC

    For an outgoing connection, the Bluetooth stack will not by default enforce any particular Bluetooth security. If the remote device requires authentication/encryption to connect, then this will be handled by the stack transparently to the application.

    If you make a connection from a remote device to the Nokia 7650, only authorisation is requested (the authorisation can be avoided if you authorise the remote device from Bluetooth Paired devices view in Nokia 7650. Pairing is required if configured so in the remote device.

    At least you can change these settings in Bluetooth Neighborhood (Nokia Connectivity Card DTL-4, probably also so with Socket Connection Kit). Check from your PC software if you can change settings there, too.

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