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    Cool Nokia + 3G + AD2P/AVRCP


    I'm in the UK and I've been hunting the Nokia UK site for hours trying to find a 3G phone (so I can use it with an N810) that also supports AD2P and AVRCP (the stereo bluetooth profile and bluetooth profile for managing calls on a headset)

    p.s. My bluetooth headset needs to phone to be AD2P and it'll be calls I use the phone for - not music playback.

    Does anyone know of such a phone?


    Steven Maddox

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    Re: Nokia + 3G + AD2P/AVRCP

    There seems to be quite a few such devices available... There is a advanced search feature available on our device spec pages

    Direct link here

    (yes, it is a long page, but select AD2P and AVRCP as mandatory Bluetooth profile features and you will get a list of devices supporting those profiles
    N95 8GB

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    Re: Nokia + 3G + AD2P/AVRCP

    mine is 6300,hoho

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    Re: Nokia + 3G + AD2P/AVRCP

    It's ok...

    I went for a Nokia E51 in the end...

    - Looks like a phone (WOO!.. this is getting rare)
    - Thus looks sensible paired with a N810
    - HSDPA
    - Internet Tel. / SIP capable
    - AD2P / AVRCP
    - Sexy :P

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