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    FOMRAT_TONE & polyphonic tones

    Hi All,

    For phones that support polyphonic ringing tones (like 7650, 7210, 3510i, 6610), does the FORMAT_TONE in the Nokia UI API supports the polyphonic tones???


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    RE: FOMRAT_TONE & polyphonic tones


    Only way to play Media which is other that wav, tone or ott is using Mobile Media API / JSR-135. Nokia 3650 will support this MM API.

    Basics of MMA
    Manager = Overall controller of the multimedia
    Creates a Player
    Player p = Manager.createPlayer(http://webserver/tune.mid"

    Player = Content handler interface

    Control = Interface to control Player features

    Optional content-specific controls:
    ToneControl, VolumeControl, MIDIControl, etc.

    Based on the spec, in should work like this:
    VolumeControl vc;
    try {
    p = Manager.createPlayer("http://webserver/tone.mid"

    // Grab volume control for the player.
    // Set Volume to max.
    vc = (VolumeControl)p.getControl("VolumeControl"
    if (vc != null)

    // To guarantee that the player can start with the smallest latency.

    // Non-blocking start
    } catch (IOException e) {
    } catch (MediaException e) {

    MMA Features supported in 3650

    Camera:snapshots in PNG, JPG, BMP
    Video:Playing a video clip: 3GP, ( NIM ) not recording
    Controls:VIDEO : VideoControl, VolumeControl, StopTimeControl

    WAV, MIDI, SF-MIDI and SP-MIDI, AMR Creation of Tone Sequence
    Sampled audio : VolumeControl, StopTimeControl
    Tone Sequence : ToneControl, VolumeControl, StopTimeControl
    MIDI : VolumeControl, StopTimeControl

    In future 3GP format will be better that .NIM Video Format

    Mobile media API will be part of MIDP 2.0 or direct subset.

    I hope this helps you

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