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    Suggestons for a project


    My name is Burim and I am student majoring in cs in the US.
    I am looking for some ideas on a project for me
    to do over the summer. I do not have any preferences as
    to what technology to use.
    My networks profesor has no suggestions for me as
    he is not very familiar with the technology.
    I was planning on implementing VNC capabilities for s60
    but someone has already ported VNC on symbian, I was also
    thinking of implementing WI-FI adhoc connectivity but it seems
    that that is available as well.
    At this point I am desperate and would greatly appreciate any suggestions on some 2-3 month project.
    I am open to any ideas at this point, something as a follow-up
    to the 2 projects I mentioned or something completely different,
    but it must be more of a "infrastructure" like project than just
    an application like say a game so I can get it approved by
    my professor.

    Again I am very open to any suggestions,
    and I thank you in advance.

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    Re: Suggestons for a project

    One place to find ideas, would be www.S60.com and the application wishlist in there. 2-3 months is rather short time for a first project in Symbian, so I would suggest doing something you can find good examples that could form the base of your project.

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    Re: Suggestons for a project

    There are a few missing bits for S60 connectivity:
    1. Nokia's VPN is useless to the average user. If there was a way to permit the average Joe to configure VPN to work with ordinary VPN servers, that would be great.
    2. I would like to see a way to tether a PC to a WiFi connection via the S60. Just assume that the WiFi access point uses MAC address filtering and the S60 is the only device you can use to connect and you want to use your PC.
    3. There are many people who would like to see a way to use EAP PAP (Password Authentication Protocol) for WPA WiFi. This was left out by Nokia (It's not all that secure a protocol.) but it's the authentication used in many university WiFi networks.

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