My name is Burim and I am student majoring in cs in the US.
I am looking for some ideas on a project for me
to do over the summer. I do not have any preferences as
to what technology to use.
My networks profesor has no suggestions for me as
he is not very familiar with the technology.
I was planning on implementing VNC capabilities for s60
but someone has already ported VNC on symbian, I was also
thinking of implementing WI-FI adhoc connectivity but it seems
that that is available as well.
At this point I am desperate and would greatly appreciate any suggestions on some 2-3 month project.
I am open to any ideas at this point, something as a follow-up
to the 2 projects I mentioned or something completely different,
but it must be more of a "infrastructure" like project than just
an application like say a game so I can get it approved by
my professor.

Again I am very open to any suggestions,
and I thank you in advance.