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    Post What we want is a basic function device.

    There is no perfect hi-end cellphone even in Nokia list. However, what we want is to communicate with no stop and covenience with our contact list. We request not the farmost but basic function include:

    1-Battery, the battery capacity need to be more than 1000mAh, and even better than 1200mAh, which assure 3 days using.
    1.2-Battery should be usable in the basic level series like N1200, although we find BL-5C could be up to 1020mAh, and even BL-6C 1150mAh after we grind the bulge of the inside cover, however, it still not very easy to follow the way developed by some DIY.
    1.3-Battery should be on-rechargable when replace the main-use device, like E50 use the full-power battery from N1200, and N1200 could recharge the empty-power battery removed from E50, that will be perfect.
    When you got both device, so battery could be change when recharge, and be backup when main device malfunction. And at least, one device could be use more than 3 days and the backup could be use more than one week when full-charge.
    **Don't like the 5-way joystick navigation.

    2-Simple outline, for business use, too much dispensable button is not just decoration, but ugly. N 6233 act as the good choice.
    **Don't like the Battery, not available in basic-level series.

    3-Network, GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 is better, double-brand is also acceptable, 3G, battery-use will be shorten many, why not use UMPC?

    4-Dimension and weight, personally prefer bar-series, because of the high-capacity battery, too thin is not workable, so 15MM is acceptable and more than 100g will make you feel it still there, not lost yet.

    5-Display, power and display is dilemma, we need lasting-power, TFT, 16M colors, 24 bit color depth, 240*320 resolution, 2 inches display, more than this will be faintness, less than this will make the letter too small. At least one SMS could be display fully without navigator use.

    6-Ringtone, 5700 plays good, 3110C also good, however, we don't need loudspeaker, sweet in peaceful place and not missed when in crowd is okay. We don't need to make everybody knows that we got the device.

    7-Phonebook, Practically unlimited entries and fields, Photocall
    Call record, Detailed, max 30 days at least, no disturb by add new contact info when you find that it's full.

    8-Cardslot, needed, up to 8GB, hotswap, is okay, more than that is special-request without the hard-disk, we need stable card, not too large capacity.

    9-Shared memory, should be more than 150 MB, many programme should not be restrict by the ceiling.

    10-processor, we can't ask for thinkpad X series to be $1.00, fortunately, now what we could see bulk-puchase make Nokia use same processor in different level device which were announced in same period.

    11-WLAN, Bloothtooth 2.0+EDR+A2DP, Infrared port, USB 2.0, request, if the later device sophisticated in BT2.1 Ultralower power-use, welcome.

    12-OS, it seems only S60 support the unlimited entries, we are glad to foreseen the S40 could also use this

    13-Colors, Black should be available.

    14-Camera, when you want to take a picture could be check by your clients with no doubt, Samsung E590 could be example, however, if not good enough 2M pixels is also okay.

    15-Price, Euro dollar 150 will be good as all the above funtions are basic or if you could wait the price down.

    16-FOTA, should be available,

    17-Charger, 2.0mm charger should be universal in BT earphone and cellphone.

    18-Email, needed.

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    Re: What we want is a basic function device.

    This is not relevant to developers

    Perhaps you are better to post this on the End User discussion Board.

    http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/ If you post your message there you may get a response.


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