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    Application icon visibility problem in N78

    I have a C++/C application that shows its SVGT-icon correctly in S60 3rd Ed devices based on platforms earlier than S60 3rd Ed. FP2.

    If I install the application to N78, application icon is broken in the menu view. The icon shows like a scaled bitmap icon: lines that are nonvertical or nonhorzontal are not smooth and anti-alising is missing.

    I use Inkscape in the icon editing and SVG2SVGT conversion program in SVG to SVG-tiny conversion. I compile the application with S60 3rd Ed MR SDK. When I make the icon height lower it shows correctly in List and Grid views but not
    in Horseshoe or in V-chaped view.

    Do you have any idea what could make the difference in the icon visibility in the different platforms?


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    Re: Application icon visibility problem in N78

    Sounds like a little bug, you should report it as indicated here.
    -- Lucian

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    Re: Application icon visibility problem in N78

    Hi, koinyk

    Did You manage to solve the problem ?

    Did You have any other problems with using icons on N78? Unfortunetly I have and am looking for solution - my problem

    Krzysztof Genge

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