I am using CConsoleBase to develop an application (similar in style to the "HelloWorld" sample program under the Epoc32Ex\Basics\HelloWorld that comes with the SDK).

My application is merely a gui interface which links to a dll that does all the work.

I am having major beef and constant crashings with my application (emulator-wise) whenever I try to use TCP/IP or pop up dialog boxes inside my dll. My dll uses the CActive for its socket connections, and I suspect that it requires some initialization to be carried out, which is what my E32Main() and the CConsoleBase is not doing at all. As for the dialog boxes, I would try to use that iEikonEnv->AlertWin(..) and again, the emulator plain crashes for what I suspect is a similar reason.

I have spent too much time and energy in the current project for me to go back and re-develop my app using standard Symbian gui framework. I would like to know if there is anything that can be done to make socket calls and dialog boxes popup with CConsoleBase.

Thanks in advance,