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    Invalid Application...


    I have created a very simple application that runs on an emulator but not on the phone, a Nokia 6300 (I keep getting "Invalid application, delete?").
    I first thought it was because my mobile didn't support MIDP 2.1, I removed those libs but that didn't help, so I downloaded an old SDK (S40_SDK_3rd_Edition_Feature_Pack_2) which only supports MIDP 2.0, but I still have the same problem. It runs on the emulator (based on the Xpress music, a quite old phone).
    I'm a newbie in Java ME and I don't know Eclipse well. I've read some posts talking about modifying the manifest but I don't have anything like that in Eclipse (it seems to be automatically generated, or it just isn't there? At least I can see META-INF/MANIFEST.MFPK in the binary .jar file).

    I am using Eclipse with EclipseME. If I could run even a simple "Hello world" on that phone I would be happy...

    Here are the jar and jad files: http://www.2shared.com/file/3406177/.../deployed.html

    Thanks in advance anyone who can help me. I'm desperate

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    Re: Invalid Application...

    Hi and welcome to the Java discussion board.

    Not that I want to intrude as I myself am very inexperienced in Java development, but I have tested a few applications (although on an N95, but with MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1, like the 6300 has) with Netbeans IDE mobility pack and they worked. Among those apps were very simple ones like Hello World and displaying an image. I recommend Netbeans for developing Java apps.

    EDIT: Just noticed this thread, in which the latest post might have the solution.
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    Re: Invalid Application...

    Hi Brunni! Welcome to Nokia Developer Discussion Boards!!

    Atleast in my quick check on your MIDlet, MIDlet-<n> parameter in JAD and Manifest files are missing.

    MIDlet-<n> :
    The name, icon, and class of the nth MIDlet in the JAR file separated by a comma. The lowest value of <n> MUST be 1 and consecutive ordinals MUST be used. The first missing entry terminates the list. Any additional entries are ignored. Leading and trailing spaces in name, icon and class are ignored.

    Name is used to identify this MIDlet to the user. The name must be present and be non-null.
    Icon is the case-sensitive absolute path name of an image (PNG) within the JAR for the icon of the nth MIDlet. The icon may be omitted.
    Class is the name of the class extending the javax.microedition.midlet.MIDlet class for the nth MIDlet. The classname MUST be non-null and contain only characters for Java class names. The class MUST have a public no-args constructor. The class name IS case sensitive.
    More info : http://java.sun.com/javame/reference...e-summary.html


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    Re: Invalid Application...

    Oh yeah!!! Thank you very much!
    For people who desperately look for the answer, EclipseME doesn't set automatically the MIDlet-1 field when creating a new application. This field, amongst other things (name, icon), describes the entry point class, which is mandatory for the phone to know which class to begin running.
    In the below image, my application is named Application, has no icon and begins with the class Application located in the package application.
    (Shame that I can only upload this image on a temporary service. For info, edit the JAD file from the project, open the MIDlets tab and add an entry)
    If this doesn't solve the problem, then you might need to check that you are not building for MIDP 2.1 and your phone only supports MIDP 2.0. I have found no reasonable way to target 2.0 instead of 2.1 except 1) downgrade to an old SDK only supporting 2.0 or 2) modifying the S40_5th_Edition_SDK.properties and uei.properties files (removing midp21 libs, replacing 2.1 by 2.0 where you find it, etc. and do not forget to re-import the modified device configuration).
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