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    p2p on series 60

    is it possible to implement a p2p app specifically on series 60 phones? id like to come up with a server/client model app. oor is it depending on the telco/carrier? can u guys point me to the right direction? i need all the info available thx!

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    RE: p2p on series 60


    Nokia S60 devices supporting Java MIDP have only Http connection possibility, So sockets are not supported which would make p2p application development much easier.

    But for example polling the data from the server using Http-connection
    is way how to get closer this case.

    Using GPRS connection over GPRS gateway or using S60 devices (7650) non wap connection provides quite fast connection.

    More information about networked midlet can be found for example
    forum.nokia.com/java examples.

    I hope this helps you what is possible to do and what is not.

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