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    Auto-start on Samsung Symbian devices

    We have a Symbian Signed application comprised of two components: a UI application and background auto-start application. On Nokia devices the auto-start application starts fine at device boot time (and installation time). However, on Samsung devices i550 & G810 (the devices we have in house) the auto-start application crashes with "Application closed: main" on every device boot (and after initial install). Bad assumption on my part that it's the auto-start application failing, but since it does it at device boot time I'm fairly confident it is the problem.

    Our problem is that we can't determine the reason for the auto-start application failure on these Samsung devices. We're following documented instructions for "Nokia Startup List API" as mentioned in http://www.newlc.com/autostart-your-...ion-phone-boot.

    Is there something unique about Samsung's Symbian version on these devices?

    Any guggestions on how to find the failure with our auto-start application on Samsung devices: 1) at install time, and 2) device boot time?


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    Re: Auto-start on Samsung Symbian devices

    Never heard of the "Nokia Startup List API". Is this something created and distributed by newlc.com ? Or maybe you mean "Startup List Management API"

    If your application panics then you should:
    - create an icon for it and see if you can start it successfully from the menu
    - debug it or at least add some logging to see what API call causes the problem
    - review your design, think of what APIs used my be Nokia specific, what hard coded values might be Nokia specific
    - try the "extended panic code" to learn about the panic that terminates the application
    -- Lucian

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    Re: Auto-start on Samsung Symbian devices

    Yes, "Startup List Management API" is essentially the same as what I called "Nokia Startup List API"; the article I reference describes several approaches to auto-start.

    I've added logging to the application yet it never writes anything to the log file - not even from E32Main.

    There are no errors when executing it from Carbide's emulator, or Nokia devices.

    I would be surprised (not totally though) if we were using Nokia specific APIs. Are they documented somewhere?

    I'll look into the extended panic code suggestion.


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