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    Problem with device sounds on N95 GB


    I'm having a rather strange problem playing device sounds on a N95 8GB. I've also tested it on a N82 and it seems to work fine, as it should, but I really cannot find out why this is happening.

    I'm working on a mock-up interface that opens several apps, like camera, maps, podcasting, etc. I have a fake "sms received" movie that plays after clicking on one of the apps. When the app is launched the sms movie is played. I have a few frames at the beginning that do nothing; in that time, the external app is opened and the Flash player is paused, and then resumed after exiting the app. Now the fake sms movie plays, the midi with the beep beep sound plays, everything is fine.

    The problem is, every other time I launch any application and close it, the midi will play again. The movie is not at the frame where the sound is played. It makes no sense at all.

    Anyone else has had a similar problem? Is there any workaround?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Problem with device sounds on N95 GB

    In situations like these, you may need to make a copy of your FLA and deconstruct the FLA until you remove something that affects the problem.

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    Re: Problem with device sounds on N95 GB

    I have faced many challenges while dealing with sound in Flash including the one which you have mentioned.

    The solution that works for me in such cases is, not to place the sound on the timeline instead use the Sound Object to play/stop sound.


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