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    postfield data lost for back operation on 3410

    I have the following deck (deck #1)...

    <card id="foo">
    <go href="deck2.wml" sendreferer="false" method="post">
    <postfield name="requiredParam" value="72"/>

    When the anchor on deck #1 is selected, a new deck (deck #2) is loaded. Deck #2 contains a similar anchor link to deck #3. When I am viewing the first card in deck #3 and select the back button on a Nokia 3410 to reload deck #2, the server receives a GET request with no parameters. This seems to work for all other phone models we have tested.

    What is the recommended workaround for this problem so that I can preserve the parameters of the original POST operation? I am not setting the no-cache response header. I would use href parameters in a GET server request but that solution has its own problems.

    FYI, I do not have access to test the behavior of the 3410 myself so I am getting snoop info from our testing team abroad and have to assume their diagnosis of the problem is correct.

    Thanks for any help or insights that might be provided here!

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    RE: postfield data lost for back operation on 3410

    Don't assume your test team are testing correctly.

    Get the Nokia ToolKit installed and test it yourself. It will show you the exact request sent to the server. I have something similar (post with postfields) and the back button initiates another post request. My application is slightly different in that the responses are set to no-cache (using http no-cache headers, and http-equiv headers in the wml content).


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    I've got the same prob. It works fine in the emulator but on the actual mobile (3410) it seems that it doesnt send the post fields - it works ok on other mobiles but not 3410!

    Is there any work around - without using GET req. method


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