I have the following deck (deck #1)...

<card id="foo">
<go href="deck2.wml" sendreferer="false" method="post">
<postfield name="requiredParam" value="72"/>

When the anchor on deck #1 is selected, a new deck (deck #2) is loaded. Deck #2 contains a similar anchor link to deck #3. When I am viewing the first card in deck #3 and select the back button on a Nokia 3410 to reload deck #2, the server receives a GET request with no parameters. This seems to work for all other phone models we have tested.

What is the recommended workaround for this problem so that I can preserve the parameters of the original POST operation? I am not setting the no-cache response header. I would use href parameters in a GET server request but that solution has its own problems.

FYI, I do not have access to test the behavior of the 3410 myself so I am getting snoop info from our testing team abroad and have to assume their diagnosis of the problem is correct.

Thanks for any help or insights that might be provided here!