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    [Moved] Problem in displaying a Volume Setting Page


    I was developing a setting page for an application.In this i am trying to display a volume setting iem but the problem is that when i run the application the emulator comes for a moment and it disappears.....the code which I used is given below.....

    RESOURCE AVKON_SETTING_ITEM_LIST r_setting_list_setting_volume
    flags = EAknSettingItemNumberedStyle;
    title = "Setting list";
    initial_number = 1;
    items =
    identifier = EMySettingItemVolume;
    setting_page_resource = r_volume_setting_page;
    name = "Volume";

    RESOURCE AVKON_SETTING_PAGE r_volume_setting_page
    number = 1;
    label = "Volume";
    type = EAknCtVolumeControl;
    editor_resource_id = r_settinglist_volume;

    RESOURCE VOLUME r_settinglist_volume
    flags = ESettingsVolumeControl;
    value = 1;

    The corresponding CreateSettingItemL must construct the item:

    case EMySettingItemVolume:
    settingItem = new (ELeave) CAknVolumeSettingItem
    (aIdentifier, iVolume);

    Waiting for a reply......
    Please help
    Thanks in Advance!!!

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    Re: Problem in displaying a Volume Setting Page

    Hi. Since your problem is related to Symbian C++, please post it in the appropriate forum, here. Also, please use CODE tags around your code to keep it indented and easy to read (the "#" sign button).

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    Re: [Moved] Problem in displaying a Volume Setting Page

    Please go through the following link
    http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=115991 for solution
    B V N S Gangadhar Rao

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