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    KErrNotSupported Error when using RSendAsMessage::SetBodyTextL

    I'm using RSendAsMessage to send MMS.

           CRichText* richText = CRichText::NewL(iEikonEnv->SystemParaFormatLayerL(),iEikonEnv->SystemCharFormatLayerL());
    	richText->InsertL(0, body);
    	//TRAPD(err, sendAsMessage.SetBodyTextL (*richText) );
    	TRAPD(err, sendAsMessage.SetBodyTextL (body) );
    	__LOG1("Err=%d", err);
    	sendAsMessage.LaunchEditorAndCloseL ();
    Both methods will leave with -5, KErrNotSupported.
    How can I make it work?

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    Re: KErrNotSupported Error when using RSendAsMessage::SetBodyTextL

    Personally I have no real experience with neither MMS API-s nor RSendAsMessage, but as far as I remember, MMS has no body, it has an SMIL descriptor and some attachments, but the SMIL is also added as an attachment.
    Note that FN main site contains MMS example, though it uses the MTM-approach (www.forum.nokia.com Documentation/Symbian C++ on the left, Messaging).

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