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    How to check mail in the messaging app


    Is there a way to invoke a mail check of an account of my choice, in the standard mailing application in the symbian phones?
    And in a way that would be invisible to the user, like in the usual polled check, where it silently controls mail, and if there is something new, the message pops up and the phone rings

    I'm trying to find any reference on how to interact with the messaging function, but I think I'm not able to get anything..

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    Re: How to check mail in the messaging app

    Firstly you can use HandleSessionEventL to monitor any email service. e.g. new email, delete email, change email.

    And you also can manully get all email entries of any service.

    void GetSelectionL(TMsvId aServiceId, TMsvId aParent, CMsvEntrySelection& aSelection)
    	CMsvEntryFilter* filter = CMsvEntryFilter::NewLC();
    	filter->SetType( KUidMsvMessageEntry );
    	filter->SetOrder(TMsvSelectionOrdering(KMsvNoGrouping, EMsvSortByDate, ETrue));
    	iSession->GetChildIdsL( aParent, *filter, aSelection );

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