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    Sending data using iAcceptedSocket (Urgent question)

    Hi all,

    My question is quite urgent, so if anybody know the answer please
    post it.

    In the example Bluetooth Point to Point there is socket which is
    solely for receiving data (iAcceptedSocket, member of CMessageServer). There is also socket that solely for sending data
    (iSendingSocket, member of CMessageClient). My question is this:
    Can I send data using iAcceptedSocket? or receive data using iSendingSocket?

    I also notice that in the example the client displays device name
    of server. Client can retrieve server name and port from class TBTDeviceSelectionParamsPckg. This class is used as a selection
    filter when calling RNotifier::StartNotifierAndGetResponse().
    My question second question is: Is there a way for server to retrieve client's device name and port? Put it another way: Can server be modified so that it can display their client's device name and port?

    Thank You

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    RE: Sending data using iAcceptedSocket (Urgent question)

    Please have a look at SDK Help and its examples on using asynchronous sockets.

    For the second question, I did not find any hints on how to do it. Basically the use case is that the device attempting to connect makes service discovery.

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