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    Capturing snapshot from a video running on device

    Hi all,

    I have to capture a snapshot from the video currently running on the device. I am using getSnapShot() from videoControl. The application is working fine on SE K800i but when i am running it on N81 the btye[] returned is too small (around 60 bytes only) and the image created is of width and height 1 only.

    Can anyone make out why is it happening so?
    Please help.

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    Re: Capturing snapshot from a video running on device


    Give a check to this link


    Hope this helps


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    Re: Capturing snapshot from a video running on device

    Hi ur_2u! Welcome to Nokia Developer Discussion boards!!

    videoControl.getSnapshot("width=80&height=60"); // default encoding, size 80x60
    videoControl.getSnapshot("encoding=bmp&width=80&height=60"); // BMP, 80x60
    If values are specified for width and height, both of them must be specified, not just the width or height.
    In this case, the image is scaled to the requested width and height. If the requested aspect ratio (that is,
    4:3) does not match that of the default size (in most devices 160 x 120), the resulting image will be distorted,
    or in Series 40 devices, if the width and height do not match a supported size, the closest match is used
    instead. The maximum size that can be captured depends on the free heap memory available. The system
    property video.snapshot.encodings contains a list of the valid video snapshot encodings for your
    device. Supported image types can be, for example, encoding=png, encoding=bmp,
    encoding=jpeg, and encoding=gif. JPEG format is the most compact format. The use of compact
    format reduces memory usage, and is therefore recommended in many cases.

    More info : MIDP: Mobile Media API Developer's Guide v2.1


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    Re: Capturing snapshot from a video running on device

    Hi All,

    Let me clarify my question. I am streaming a video from server and playing it. I want to capture a frame from this video while it is being played. As mentioned earlier I am using getSnapShot(). On some devices it is working fine but on N81 the byte[] that is returned is too small and no image is displayed when I draw an image created using this array.

    The size of the array returned is too small and if no width and height is specified in getSnapShot() the image created is 1X1 only.

    Please help.

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