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    weird problem when downloading file via HTTP.

    I am downloading different media files via HTTP.
    the responce is received in chunks.I am appending all the responces and writing it to a file.

    my code looks like this,
    In MHFRunL()

    case THTTPEvent::EGotResponseBodyData:
    MHTTPDataSupplier* body = aTransaction.Response().Body();

    TBool isLast = body->GetNextDataPart(dataChunk);
    RFile File;


    TInt pos = 0;
    File.Write(dataChunk); //Responce is received in datachunk

    FirstChunkOfResponce = EFalse;


    when I download an image file i.e.issue Get() request for the first time,I am able to display the image,if I issue Get() request for same file for the second time and onwards,I get unpredictable results.sometimes image is correctly downloaded and sometimes not.moreover,when I debug it,I never get this problem and image is correctly downloaded each time.In this case,I put breakpoint in IssueHttpGetL().I see that this function gets executed 3 times,I dont know why?

    more interesting thing is,my image size is 69.5KB,I never get a total responce of less than 69.5KB. whenever I get total responce of 69.5KB,139KB,208KB the image is correctly displayed.
    which happen to be multiple of image size.

    what can be the problem,perhaps when I am issuing Get() for second time onwards, I dont get responce from beginning.

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    Re: weird problem when downloading file via HTTP.

    my mistake.
    I made a blunder in my offerkeyeventL()
    I forgot to put,

    if( aType == EEventKey )

    so after clicking msk, the corresponding function(GetL()) was getting called 3 times.now my problem is solved

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