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    iFunctions pointer in CAnim is NULL

    Hi all,

    I have following problem: I will catch raw events in the function MEventHandler::OfferRawEvent(). I also know that I must enable the receiving of the events in this function by calling MAnimGeneralFunctions::GetRawEvents(ETrue). The central instance of MAnimGeneralFunctions will be hold by the iFunctions pointer of the CAnim class. And so I need to do the call iFunctions->GetRawEvents(ETrue) if the user has select an entry of the "Options"-Menu (means: when I want call iFunctions->GetRawEvents(ETrue) the application is already initialized, up and running). But at this time the iFunctions variable has as value NULL.

    The documentation says that the iFunctions variable should not be set by the developer. The iFunctions variable will be set by the framework byself.

    Anybody there with a idea? Must I initializing some special things for filling the iFunctions variable?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: iFunctions pointer in CAnim is NULL

    Dear topicstarter.
    Now i have lots of problems regarding creation of small application for handling pointer events from background. And your topic is the only i've found about this.
    So you could - please contact me if you have time, or send me an example of the library to use OfferRawEvent function
    Best regards!

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    Unhappy Re: iFunctions pointer in CAnim is NULL

    i have the same problem,can anyone help me?
    and when I put iFunctions->GetRawEvents inside a function other than the ConstructL,
    iFunctionsis is not empty, but the -3 error occurred
    sorry, my english is poor

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    Re: iFunctions pointer in CAnim is NULL

    check this link for information.


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