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    Question Need help with CAknNumberQueryDialog..Urgent..


    I have to finish project for faculty and I'm stuck on number query..I havent found working example of using this clasr..Please, can someone post quick snipet of code calling dialog and resource definition for it..I suppose that my resource definition is bad, but i dont have any resource manual and sdk is no help.. Thanks

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    Re: Need help with CAknNumberQueryDialog..Urgent..

    10 Go to Wiki: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/
    20 On the search box, put "CAknNumberQueryDialog"
    30 Read entry
    40 GOTO 30


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    Re: Need help with CAknNumberQueryDialog..Urgent..

    :).. my gwbasic is longly rusted :).. well, at the time, i had used just old simple mobile internet, and i was not able to view any search result, but anyway, good to know :)..

    Greet's ..

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    Re: Need help with CAknNumberQueryDialog..Urgent..

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