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Thread: Pointers

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    Question Pointers

    Hi, i have an object that need to receive some parameter values but not in the Construction phase but later using a method like
    Type* iData;
    //do something

    But when i try to asign the value it says cant do the operation '=', what i try to do is this?

    Type* value;
    void CMyObject::SetValue(Type& aParameter) {
    value = aParameter;
    I know that when its in construnction, i can do a

    CMyObject::CMyObject(Type& aParameter) 
    : value(aParameter) 
    //do stuff
    And it works, but what i need is to do this once my object is fully created, how can i do this???

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    Re: Pointers

    Its a pointer type you need to assign address to it using addressof operator, so do it like this
    value = &aParameter;

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