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Thread: Ringtone 7650

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    Ringtone 7650

    I just tried to send a ringtone to a 7650. It seems to get the message, but doesn't do anything with it. The ringtone has been tested and works fine on a 3310. I don't know where to start searching for answers.


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    RE: Ringtone 7650


    First, you should know that the 7650 plays polyphonic ringtones (MIDI, SP-MIDI, AMR, etc.) and the 3310 plays the old Nokia Binary Ringtones. I'd suggest getting a new cooler ringtone for your 7650!

    Second, if you you ever "don't know where to start searching", try the "Search Discussions:" for the Nokia Knowledge Network.
    What is the format? (MIDI? AMR? RTTTL?) How did you try to send it? (Short Message? WAP? MMS?) Using key words in your search will help. Even a search for "7650 ringtone" will give you alot of information in the NKN. For example, this past posting:

    Good Luck and have fun!

    -quyen / Forum Nokia

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    RE: Ringtone 7650

    Actually the 7650 does have support for the "Nokia Ringing Tones" as well, but to figure out what the problem is, we really need to have more information (like what method you're using to send them, for example), and naturally you *are* welcome to search the discussion areas for an answer, as Quyen suggests.

    -paul / ForumNokia

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