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    Nokia N7x cannot display Thai characters

    I am developing an application displaying Thai characters. It displays ok on Nokia 6620, E51, N82, but cannot display on Nokia N7x. Is something wrong with my application or Nokia N7x does not support Thai characters?

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    Re: Nokia N7x cannot display Thai characters

    N7x could be anything from N70 (S60 2nd FP3) to N78 (S60 3rd FP2), a range covering in between 4 platform releases. On which platform are you really seeing the problem?

    I would suggest that you discuss this issues in the Symbian UI forum and then return here and give feedback once you are sure/convinced that the problem belongs truly to the platform, though since the thing works on some devices makes me believe that this is at best a device issue and not a platform one.

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    Re: Nokia N7x cannot display Thai characters

    In addition to what ltomuta answered, the phones sold in different regions support different set of languages (and glyphs). Apparently the N-something phone you tested does not support the thai-glyphs.


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