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    Calendar with J2ME

    I drew the calendar with the help of the following code that I found on internet
    and I colored of different color the dates that I have to the inside of a file that I read.

    now I should resolve a problem:
    when I use the function keyPressed (int key) in a matter of Canvas. FIRE I would like that what appeared is me the content of the relevant file to the date chosen.
    However it blunders me already the date that I seleziono because the last date of my carrier takes me that I go to the class to go to color the days of the file Or however it the date takes me always of today... I state first that the two classes changed them in fact step to the class that goes to draw the carrier of the dates of the file.
    Someone can help to understand me how it is done to manage the calendar together to a file?

    thank you very much..

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    Re: Calendar with J2ME


    have you solved your issue? Otherwise, try posting relevant code, so it'll be clearer which is the possible problem within your app (I didn't clearly understand it from your previous post)


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