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    Support for SMS Api

    Hi, I am just interested in knowing what kind of support Nokia will have in their future mobile phones for the SMS Api, will it be supported by most phones that support J2ME or is it just something that will be tested in a few phones ? Is the Nokia SMS Api comparable to the Wireless Messaging Api ? Is there any standardised solution that you can use like j2me so that you could develop for other manufacturers phones as well when developing J2ME applications that would have integrated support for sending and receiving SMS messages ?


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    RE: Support for SMS Api

    There is now SMS API only in Nokia 3410. Nokia SMS API are very close to Wireless Messaging API. This WM API will be included in Nokia 3650. These two API sets are not compatible, but the differences in them are mainly in package names. The WM API documentation can be found here: http://java.sun.com/products/wma/.

    If you write a SMS MIDlet using WM API, it should be able to run it in all the devices supporting WM API.

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