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    Emulator crash on 4'th socket connection

    My Nokia S40 5'th edition SDP feature pack 1 crashes when I try to open a 4 sockets connections from my J2ME app simultaneously. Is there a fix/workaround for this?

    It opens 3 connections fine and my app runs fine until then. When I try to open the fourth connection it crashes.

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    Re: Emulator crash on 4'th socket connection

    im not completely sure but somewhere i read that most mobiles support up to 2 open connections (socket or http), some support somewhat more but I guess u just found out the limit of ur device

    as a workaround u might create some kind of singelton connection class which actually keeps trtack on how many connections are open and when one is extra is needed u kill one of the already existent (maybe work with priority's ??)

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