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    New SDK 1.0 - missing some files ....

    Hi, I have just downloaded and installed the new sdk 1.0 for series 60; it seems that some files in the emulator are missing - it's no more possible to configure the emulator with the same look of the 7650 ... (only epoc.bmp) is supply ... can you confirm me that .., would be better to save the epoc32\data directory before ..

    thanks a lot,
    Dominique HUGO
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    RE: New SDK 1.0 - missing some files ....

    You are right. The reason is the following:

    The main difference between the two "skin" is that a few keys present in 7650 emulator skin compare to Series 60 emulator skin.

    These are:
    - Side key (Voice dialing)
    - Power key
    - Case open- case close keys

    Usage of these keys are not recommend by Forum Nokia to use in any Series 60 add-on application. Following that advise make it easy for the developers to port their application between the different Series 60 platform implementation. For example there is no side key on Nokia 3650.
    The \data directory of the Series 60 SDK with the ini- and the bitmap-file were designed in a way that developers and phone manufacturers could create there own skins and keys depending on their needs even if it not present in some version of the SDK.

    It is always recommended that keep the previous SDK versions at least as installs CD or zip-file in case of some version changes may feel unconfortable.

    Best Regards,
    (V) - Forum Nokia Developer Support

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