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    How picture messages are created ????


    I am a student of Computers from PUNE,INDIA.

    Actually I am planning to design a software that can be used to create NOKIA picture messages & screensaver for NOKIA MOBILES.

    Before starting to design the software i wanted to know many things of NOKIA picture messages & screensavers like :

    1) How they are created.
    2) Can an ordinary image be converted to NOKIA picture messages & screensavers.
    3) What are the limitations for it.(like size in KBytes,image height,width)
    4) And all the information related to it.

    I know i can get the information from various sites.
    But i thought instead of getting information in parts from various sites i can get all the information i need from the makers of NOKIA mobile.

    So I hope you help me.

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    RE: How picture messages are created ????

    You'll find mobile imaging related formats and specifications through www.forum.nokia.com. Click first the 'Mobile Entertainment Solutions' link at the side menu, and then click 'Mobile Imaging and Video'.

    Juha / Forum Nokia

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    RE: How picture messages are created ????

    Hi Rehan, just wondering did you get the information you requested. If so what was learnt from it. I can try and help with some of the info you requested.

    1) They can be created in almost any design package. Logo manager and photoshop, are the mediums I use.

    2) An ordinary image can be converted to picture message. Although this depends on the detail of the image and how it is converted. You will also notice that the images are only mono colour. With the new phones this is changing.

    3) Size for normal logos is not a problem as when they are saved they need to saved as bitmap (*.bmp file) if you are using a design package or *.nlm *.otb *. ngg or *.nol file if you are using the logomanager or similar.

    Standard operator logos size = 72px wide x 14px deep
    Standard picture messages = 72px wide x 28px deep
    Large operator logos size = 78px wide x 21px deep
    these are for 71xx,62xx ,63xx

    I hope this is of assistance to you. If you have any info of the colour handsets and specs for them could you please post it.

    Thank You Ganj

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