I am working on a mobile commerce WRT application. I prefer to use the tabbing manner of navigation instead of the pointer. I am seeking suggestions on how to use the options menu as part of the application user interface.

The user will view a list of products, select a product for details and on the product detail screen buy the product. This is a standard type of organization and should be displayed in main screen.

The application has several ways to help users discover products.

featured products screen
search for products screen
browse by product category

I am thinking that these choices would be listed in the options menu. The user can easily jump to any one of these discovery screens while using the application. Using the options menu seems simpler than placing these choices in a horizontal menu on the main screen so that the user somehow tab navigates to the horizontal menu.

The application also has a help page. So my application options menu would be:

Featured products
Search for products
Browse products

Do you forsee any problems with this approach? Does any aspect of this go against the typical use of the options menu?