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    Welcome to the WidSets Developer discussion board!

    Calling all WidSeteers!

    Greetings to all of you who already have participated on WidSets development at the legacy http://dev.widsets.com site. It's good to be back

    For those who are new to the WidSets widget development and developer community area, you are most Welcomed!

    I hope you all enjoy our new location here at the HUGE developer community of the Forum Nokia. This is THE place to be and it's the place to be seen!

    As a reminder for what is going on at the WidSets.com and the WidSets Developer community sofar:

    WidSets developer offering will be fully available here at Forum Nokia from 16th June and onwards. This Includes all Developer Wiki, API documentation, SDK download and ofcourse, the discussion board.

    Widsets.com has been upgraded to the version 3.0 as of yesterday, 12th June. WidSets.cn (China) will be updated at a later point. Therefore the dev.widsets.com will be online until around mid-July.

    However, this is only to provide Chinese WidSeteers to access development server. I am encouraging all of you who use WidSets.com site and client to continue developing your widgets against the WidSets.com, not dev.widsets.com anymore. From 16th on and with the new SDK downloaded (will be available for download on 16th June), the WidSets.com should be the only point for access with SDK development.

    This new form that we now have enables you all to enjoy the vast databases of information provided by Forum Nokia, also from all other possible mobile development areas and technologies than WidSets too. You can also participate on any other discussions held anywhere inside Forum Nokia discussion world.

    If you need to ask questions or discuss about WidSets widget development, this should be the place, and for service related questions you find a lot of boards at the WidSets.com main site.

    And, last but not least---

    There are still a few weeks left to the end of WidSets Coding competition (we got a lot of nice prizes and gift cards to deal out ) and also remember the Rewards period. Please publish your widgets as Beta to gain feedback from users and other developers. It is now possible for all WidSets developers to publish widgets directly to the WidSets library with Beta status!

    For newcomers there is a lot of interesting and important information in form of announcements at :http://dev.widsets.com/forum/forum/1/1/
    Please do check'em out.

    Most importantly, all important documentation and how to get started with WidSets widget development is found at the WidSets Developer section:


    Happy coding and remember...

    "Improve your image - be seen with WidSets"

    Best Regards,

    Marko Lumivuori
    +358 40 8019330
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