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    Streaming Video from the Webcam (n810)

    Hallo everybody,

    I wanted to know how to stream video, with gstreamer, from the Nokia N810 to my local PC
    I have no problem building my sending pipeline but my pipeline on my local PC does not
    and all i found on the internet is how to make it with an SDP file an the VLC player.

    my sending pipeline looks like this :

    gst-launch-0.10 v4l2src ! \
    video/x-raw-yuv,width=176,height=144,framerate=\(fraction\)15/1 ! \
    hantro4200enc stream-type=1 profile-and-level=1001 ! \
    video/x-h263,framerate=\(fraction\)15/1 ! rtph263ppay mtu=1438 ! \
    udpsink host=$HOST port=$VPORT

    thx for your help

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    Creating a thumbnail

    I want to create a thumbnail for an video clip depending on the time which i hve to give in pipeline.

    What I did:
    There is a property called "thumbnail" and "time" included in demuxer. Thumbnail is set to FALSE by default.
    On setting it to TRUE, thumbnail of that frame can be retrieved.
    The code should be modified to retrieve the nearest I-Frame based on the time property.

    The pipeline is

    gst-launch psf_3gp_demux location="filename" thumbnail=TRUE time=33900 ! video_decoder ! jpeg_encoder ! filesink location="path for creating thumbnail"

    where time is in milli seconds.

    This was what I did.

    As per the requirement, While transcoding( from mp4sp to h263p3 ) I have to create a thumbnail and encoding the file parallelly.

    Please Give some idea.

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