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    Localization project using Google Maps

    I would like to do some localization project on Nokia N80 using Google Maps for school work.
    I am new to mobile programming and was wondering if anyone could point out any tools or API's available to do this ( both in C++ and Java).
    I did look at the other postings in this forum related to this topic but I was also wondering if it is possible to do this using the Google Maps application that is installed
    on the phone locally as an interface instead of communicating with Google directly as you would from a PC using PHP for instance. I would like to possibly have a more dynamic interface than just dowloading a map of a location from google and then
    ploting a single point in it. I would possibly like to draw trajectories of objects moving on a map in real time and display this dynamically.

    Also I'm woundering if this is possible to be done in Java
    instead of C++. Reason is that I would like to make the applicatin as system (phone) independent as possible.
    However i don't know how possible it is to achieve this.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Localization project using Google Maps

    Well, I'm not aware of Google publishing any APIs that would allow you to interact with the Google Maps application on the mobile phone. If you find any then of course you can try to use them.

    Look in the wiki for ready made example applications that use Google maps. There's at least one for both C++ and Java.
    -- Lucian

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    Re: Localization project using Google Maps

    Hello Burim,

    I am trying to do a project like your .. I'd like to know if you find some information about using google maps api in the way you want..


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    Re: Localization project using Google Maps

    You might want to ask Google for APIs for their products, and not Nokia:

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    Re: Localization project using Google Maps

    Please take a look here for instruction



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