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    How delete all entries in IMAP Inbox only on device

    i'm working with 3rd Ed MR.
    Using InternetEmail example from Nokia and Imap4Example from Symbian i was able to create an IMAP email account, retrieve headers from server and populate.
    Now i'd like to implement a delete of all messages in Inbox, but only locally on the phone.

    I've written some code,but it's not working :-/

    void CCleanupMailManager::DeleteAllMailsL(void)
    // find mailbox id (iId)
    iId = FindServiceL();
    if(iId == KMsvRootIndexEntryId) {
    	// mailbox not found!
    iEntry = iMsvSession->GetEntryL(iId);
    const TMsvEntry& child = (*iEntry)[0];
    iInboxId = child.Id(); // this is the Inbox Id
    iMsvOp = iEntry->DeleteL(iInboxId,iStatus);
    DeleteL returns in RunL() with iStatus==KErrNone, so everything seems ok, but if i open my mailbox via native Messaging app, all messages are still there.
    What i am doing wrong and how can i delete messages only locally on the device and not on the server? i couldn't figure out.

    thank you in advance
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