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Thread: M2M protocols

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    M2M protocols

    What is the relation between OSA/Parlay and Corba technologies

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    RE: M2M protocols


    Implementation of the API specification will enable more, and cheaper, services
    and create a more competitive market for telecoms applications and services.
    Today end users are bound to whatever the carrier alone has to offer.
    Implementation of the API specifications will allow the end user to find services
    that are more finely attuned to its specific needs. It will be much easier for service
    providers to provide "mass-customization" of services that meet the specific needs
    to particular customer market segments.

    So the OSA (Open Service Access) / Parlay defines interfaces between the service network
    and core network so that the different kind of services can be provided more easily.

    The communication between the OSA gateway and service provider client can be handled different
    ways and corba is one alternative for that. Other alternatives can be DCOM, java and so on.

    The M2M platform does not support parlay interface.


    Nokia M2M developer support team

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