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    8310 & Bluetooth

    Can I use those two words in the same sentence?

    Is the 8310 Bluetooth complient / enabled / compatible ?

    If yes, what do I do to activate it?
    If no, what do I do if I am stubborn and do not wnat a new phone?
    (It is only nearly a year old now)



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    RE: 8310 & Bluetooth


    The 8310 is not BlueTooth enabled. For full specs please see here: http://www.nokia.com/nokia/0,5184,930,00.html

    You say if NO what do you do???!!! Well there are aftermarket BT kits available, whether they work with the 8310 is another matter. I cant remember where I saw such a kit but im sure you can plug in a Bluetooth Transmitter to your phones Handsfree socket and it will TALK to the accompanying bluetooth earpiece. Like i said they are available but whether they work with the Nokia 8310 i do not know.

    Other than, a new phone is the only other route. 6310i's are nice!

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