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    How to include .rss file in exe

    I want to show a password input dialog in my exe, and I find CAknTextQueryDialog, in the example I see it uses rss to define the dialog's layout to EPhoneLayout, but as I know(I don't know if it's right), exe has no RSS to use, can you tell me how to solve the problem?

    Any document or example code will be highly appreciated

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: How to include .rss file in exe

    You should search for exe ui in the Wiki. Adding a .rss file is the smaller task: you can simply create a new one, or copy from an existing application and modify it. Then add it to the .mmp (check the syntax in any existing GUI code).
    The harder part is instantiating a CCoeEnv or CEikonEnv, AddResourceFileL, then showing your dialog.

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    Re: How to include .rss file in exe

    which sdk are you talking about. By exe you mean a non-APPFramework application right? as in 3rd edition, .exe is for applications with framework as well...

    1. Yes you can have a rss file in an exe, there is no problem with that

    2. For data query, there is no global query dialog which can be used. CAknTextQueryDialog is the local text query dialog, but not global.

    (AFAIK local can be used with app framework, and global by both app framework and other exes as well)
    Amit Kankani
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