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    SDK 1.0 Thanks !! this is not a question

    As I have posted several questions on this forum, I just want to congratulate the team of the development of the new SDK version 1.0 for Sr.60 !! There are many new functionnalities, help ....
    Thanks to you,

    Dominique HUGO
    FileExplorer for Nk7650 is my baby ...
    FExplorer is my baby !

    you can get the FREE version from www.gosymbian.com
    you can get the PRO version from http://store.ovi.com/content/339454

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    RE: SDK 1.0 Thanks !! this is not a question


    Thank you for your appreciation! Without feedbacks from 3rd party developers we cannot make good improvement to the tools and SDKs. I would like to take this opportunity to thank to all of active developers, who continuously use this NKN and contribute their supports to the developer community as well as to give valuable feedbacks to Forum Nokia. Let's go on with the good work!

    Again, thank you for your co-operation!
    Forum Nokia - Developer Support team

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